Advance IP PBX & Analog and Digital PABX System Installation Dubai

Advance IP PBX & Analog & Digital PABX System Installation Dubai

We specialize in delivering comprehensive business telephone systems and call center solutions across Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Recognizing the pivotal role of communication systems in business operations, we prioritize offering the right telephony solutions to ensure seamless connectivity for your enterprise. Our commitment lies in providing future-proof telephone systems that can scale alongside your growing business. With a dedicated and experienced team, we thoroughly understand your communication needs and work towards achieving optimal solutions.

Our range of services encompasses advanced IP PBX systems and traditional analog/digital telephone solutions. We present complete solutions featuring license-free IP PBX from reputable brands such as Grandstream and Yeastar, catering to small-medium corporate sectors up to large enterprises. From multi-branch interlinked PABX systems to basic handsets, we facilitate effective communication for businesses of any size.

Partnering with leading brands in the telephone system industry, including Cisco, Avaya, Panasonic, Grandstream, Yeastar, and Asterisk, we ensure that we meet the diverse requirements of our customers. As a prominent Solutions Provider Company in the UAE, our offerings extend beyond telephone systems to cover telecommunication, IT infrastructure, network security solutions, advanced IP and traditional video intercom systems, LAN and WAN solutions, structured cabling solutions, server room design, and comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote tailored to your business needs.

Business-Optimized Cisco PABX Telephone Systems

Elevate your communication experience with Cisco PABX telephone systems designed to efficiently manage calls and messages. Cisco PBX Systems seamlessly integrate phone and data networks, providing a streamlined and user-friendly communication solution. Leveraging Cisco's Unified Communication System for IP telephony, businesses can enhance productivity by meeting the diverse communication needs of their employees. Experience the advantage of an intersected phone and data network with Cisco, offering both ease of use and optimal performance.


Grandstream PABX System Empowering Business Communication

Step into a new era of business telephony with the Grandstream IP PBX phone system, offering unparalleled flexibility for voice, video, data, and mobility applications. This dynamic solution goes beyond the ordinary, integrating fax and video security seamlessly into existing telephone systems, establishing itself as the ultimate choice for businesses ranging from small firms to large enterprises. Grandstream's office telephone systems, PBX, PABX, and IP PBX operate on a sophisticated platform, boasting a plethora of features and robust custom devices. Immerse yourself in advanced technology crafted to cater to the varied communication needs of businesses, making Grandstream the go-to option for those seeking a comprehensive and adaptable business telephone system.


What is a PBX System?

PBX is the abbreviation of private branch exchange which is generally used in companies, offices, and other organizations. The communication between internal users is free and a PBX can be connected to the outside world with help of channels such as Analog, VOIP, and ISDN. You can use more phones using a PBX connected with a PSTN. Office telephone systems for small business are accomplished by using either analog office phones or IP phones.

Features of PBX and PABX

Some of the attractive features of private branch exchange are as follows:-

  • It allows call recording
  • Call transfer from one phone to another
  • Extension number allocation for each staff in the office.
  • Voice mail system
  • Call queue management based on average call duration (ACD)
  • IVRS which enables callers to choose menus and manage their calls as they need.

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